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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Remember to "Wash your Hands".

: Aug 2021

Ard Aoibhinn Day services will continue to operate as it has been. We are working to return to pre-covid levels of provision over the coming months.

Residential Services will continue with the current arrangements for the moment. Any changes will be advised directly with families.

Respite Services: Adult Respite is operating under some restrictions
                           Childrens Respite is operating under some restrictions

If you have any concerns or require clarity, in the first instance please contact your group leader, house manager.

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Day Services





Ard Aoibhinn provides Day services provides for people with an intellectual disability and special needs from 3 locations in the Wexford Town Area. Services are offered to pre-school children, Adults and an Elderly Group.



Ard Aoibhinn currently supports 3 residential homes for people with an intellectual disability with High support needs and low support needs. Respite and Family support services are managed through our residential services.


Ard Aoibhinn employees people from a range of different disciplines including Nursing, Social Care and Behaviour management. We operate a relief panel for Nursing and Care Staff. Details of current vacancies can be viewed on our Careers page.

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