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Host carers sought for new Wexford service for intellectually disabled


Host carer volunteers are being  sought  in Co. Wexford for a new initiative that offers children who have autism or have an intellectual disability an alternative to traditional residential respite for short periods of time and places them with families. We invite families to apply to become volunteer host carers to provide short-family-based breaks to them.The objective in the long term is to use natural supports and enable children to experience a more natural environment for respite.

 This new initiative follows the success of Ard Aoibhinn Services in securing a grant of Euro 66,000 from Chuck Feeney’s  Genio Trust for innovative projects in mental health and disability services and in particular for enhancing family support and respite services for children with disabilities and their families.The funding was directed at increasing the provision of cost effective, family and community based short-breaks for people with disabilities or mental health difficulties and at enabling this group of people to move out of large institutions. 

The grant will be used to expand these services to develop volunteer host family and home based respite schemes throughout Co. Wexford alongside our existing Residential, after school and week-end respite. These new service models will initially be provided to an identified group of ten children within the one-year timeframe of the project. Preparatory training, support and expenses are provided.

 Anyone interested in becoming a host carer must participate in an assessment that involves all residing family members. The training outlines what is required of host carers and it is an opportunity to meet other prospective carers. When approved, host families have the opportunity to meet the person with special needs and their family prior to the break.


People from all walks of life and experience can become host carers. No formal qualifications are required and previous experience in disability is not necessary.  A prospective host carer can be working, retired or unemployed, with or without children, single or with a partner and over 18 years of age. What host families have in common is enjoying the company of people with a disability and able to give some time on a regular basis. 


At the same time their families get regular breaks from the daily nurturing routines of rearing a child with a disability and supporting that child into adulthood. Breaks that involve staying with a host family are universally considered to be much more socially inclusive than ‘respite’ in traditional segregated services.


Contact: Sinead Dunphy or Gerard Heaney at the centre

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Ard Aoibhinn provides Day services provides for people with an intellectual disability and special needs from 3 locations in the Wexford Town Area. Services are offered to pre-school children, Adults and an Elderly Group.


Ard Aoibhinn currently supports 3 residential homes for people with and intellectual disability with High support needs and low support needs. Respite and Family support services are managed through our residential services.


Ard Aoibhinn employees people from a range of different disciplines including Nursing, Social Care and Behaviour management. We operate a relief panel for Nursing and Care Staff. Details of current vacancies can be viewed on our Careers page.