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UPDATES : Jan 6th 2021

Ard Aoibhinn Day services will continue to operate as it has been. We will provide day service supports, albeit on a reduced basis, for those who require it.

Residential Services will continue with the current arrangements for the moment. Any changes will be advised directly with families.

Respite Services: Adult Respite is cancelled for the moment and will remain closed until at least 18th Jan 2021
                           Childrens Respite will continue to operate as before


UPDATES : October 20th 2020

Following the annoncement by the Government that the country will now move to Level 5 of the 'Plan for living with COVID-19' framework, I would like to advise that Ard Aoibhinn Day services will continue to operate as it has been. We will provide day service supports, albeit on a reduced basis, for those who require it.

Residential Services will continue with the current arrangements for the moment. Any changes will be advised directly with families.

Respite Services will continue under the current arrangements.

If you have any concerns or require clarity, in the first instance please contact your group leader, house manager.

UPDATE September 2020
During August we have started to increase the numbers attending with a view to offering everyone at least 2/3 days service per week.
Trasnport remains problematic however we have reintroduced some transport at reduced capacity and are sharing this out on the basisi of priority.

If you have any questions about day service provision contact Dermot at the centre
If you have any queries about Adult Respite contact Windrock
If you have any queries about Childrens Respite contact Aleana
If you have any queries about Residential services contact the house directly in the first instance

UPDATE 12th July 2020
As you will know Ard Aoibhinn have continued to provide Day, Respite and residential supports throughout the period of restrictions on a priority basis. The Management and Board of Management would like to thank all of our staff for the work throughout this period.

As business and other community resources begin to open up we at Ard Aoibhinn are also planning to increase the operation of our Day services over the coming months.

However this will involve a reconfiguration of our pre-COVID model. Due to Social distancing guidelines and other public health guidance we will have to reduce attendance at locations, we will have to reduce numbers on buses both involve reconfiguration of existing resources.

The inevitable result of this will mean less day’s attendance at Day centres and reduced capacity on Transport. However we are exploring how we can support individuals through outreach where possible and practicable.

As we increase services through August and September we will be mindful of Public Health advice And HSE guidance and ensure that we take all steps necessary to ensure a safe experience for service users and staff.

Staff and Service users will have their temperature taken and a covid_19 symptom check at commencement of service/work. A second temperature and Covid_19 check will be carried out in identified locations as required. There are hand sanitizing stations at all entrances and at different locations across the service which all staff and service users will be expected to use. Masks will be used in certain circumstances and Social distancing will continue to be observed throughout the service.

All staff have completed all necessary training in relation to COVID_19 and infection control.

If you have not availed of day service supports over the past number of months we will be contacting you directly to advise of service over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime stay safe.

UPDATE 17th June 2020

 As the country moves through the different stages on the Government Pathway we too are making arrangements to resume or increase service provision. We are obviously facing challenges in relation to Transport and daily accommodation due to the restrictions but are working to find solutions that will allow us to support as many families/individuals safely, as possible on a given day. We envisage service capacity increasing from mid August, however day services will look different and 5 day service provision may not be possible, we will be looking at outreach provision and other methods of providing supports and families will be advised of this in due course.

In the mean time I wish you and yours well. Stay Safe

Need information and advice on COVID-19? Go to www.hse.ie/coronavirus

UPDATE 14th April 2020: 
Since the introduction of the movement restrictions we have offered a priority based day provision with reduced staffing. The plan is that we will continue to offer this. In the event that circumstances force us to change this we will contact all affected families.
Respite services
continue on a prioity basis and and subject to change at short notice.

If you are a staff member currently not working, we wish you well at this very difficult time. Normal work arrangements will not recommence for some time given the latest restriction annoncement. When it is time for return to work we will contact you directly and advise you of your return to work date.

UPDATE 25th March 11:30

Its difficult at the moment for everyone and with that in mind a family information pack has been developed by the Positive Behaviour Support team in Ard Aoibhinn and can now be downloaded here. This family information guide aims to support the families of our service users during this difficult time by providing some tips, strategies and resources to help make the upcoming days and weeks more manageable. 

If you would prefer a hard copy you can contact the centre on 053-9147868.

Day Services : We continue to offer priority provision.

UPDATE 20th March 13:08

Day Services - Day services will be ceasing normal activity from today. All individuals/families have already been advised of this by phone.

From Monday we will be operating a limited restricted priority based service. All individuals/families who fall into this category have been advised.

If your situation changes and you feel you need additional supports please contact Dermot at the Centre on 053-9147868.

We cannot promise to be able to accomodate, but we will certainly consider each request.

Childrens Respite -
All types of Day Respite will cease from today. We will be providing some limitied restricted priority based residential service.

Adult Respite -
We will be providing some limitied restricted priority based residential service. 

This will be constantly monitored. If you have been advised of service provision please bear in mind this may be cancelled depending on the wider needs of individuals/families and the ability of the organisition to respond safely.

We would like to thank all familes and service users for their understanding and co-operation at this time. We would also like to thank all the staff who continue to work to provide supports through our day, respite and residential services.

UPDATE 15th March 19:21

HSE direction is still that day services should operate as normal..
However Ard Aoibhinn Services Transport will not be operating to or from Day services tomorrow Monday 16th March.

Day Centres will be open.....

This will be updated if and when we have further information.

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Ard Aoibhinn provides Day services provides for people with an intellectual disability and special needs from 3 locations in the Wexford Town Area. Services are offered to pre-school children, Adults and an Elderly Group.


Ard Aoibhinn currently supports 3 residential homes for people with and intellectual disability with High support needs and low support needs. Respite and Family support services are managed through our residential services.


Ard Aoibhinn employees people from a range of different disciplines including Nursing, Social Care and Behaviour management. We operate a relief panel for Nursing and Care Staff. Details of current vacancies can be viewed on our Careers page.